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VV Brown on her Vespa...

VV Brown


Baba O'Riley

For those of you as yet unaware, there is an internet campaign running on several websites to get The Who's Baba O'Riley to number one in the UK charts. The Who, amazing as it seems, has never had a UK number one, which is a travesty when you consider some of the unmitigated sh*te that has achieved that accolade.

So here's the scheme. Week commencing Monday November 16th, everyone goes to a reputable UK download outlet, sales from which contribute to the UK charts (iTunes, HMV, 7-Digital, Napster, etc) and buys the version of Baba O'Riley that is track 1 of the Who's Next Deluxe Edition album. In order to obtain the right number of sales, it must be in that week, and it must be that version of the song.

Not only can we set right a musical wrong by finally giving The Who a chart-topper, we can also demonstrate the combined might of social networking. So whether you tweet, post, blog, poke, or just visit - tell everyone you know: buy "Baba O'Riley", track 1 from the Who's Next album, as an MP3 download in the week commencing Monday 16th November 2009. No doubt you've already got it a dozen times on countless compilations and versions of Who's Next in all formats. But who cares? Isn't worth paying 79 pence for another copy just to see it get to number one?

(In)Frequently Asked Questions...

Q. Why The Who?
A. Because they've never had a UK no.1 single.

Q. Why "Baba O'Riley"?
A. Because it's excellent.

Q. Which version should I buy?
A. The one that is track 1 of the album "Who's Next".

Q. What if I'm overseas?
A. You can still help, you just need to buy the download from a UK retailer website, not a retailer in your own country. Check the campaign website for links to suitable retailers.

Q. Why week commencing 16th November 2009?
A. Because it's soon enough to be interesting, far enough away to give us a chance of success, and (hopefully) avoids all the pre-Christmas X-Factor releases that will be bought by the mindless masses.

Campaign homepage:

Winter Warmer

Stolen Scooter Update

You may remember that back in June we reported on two Lambrettas and a Vespa that were stolen from a rally in Germany.

The latest news is that both the Lambrettas have been found. Unfortunately, the gutless thieves appear to have panicked (probably due to the amount of publicity raised on here, Facebook, and many other scootering websites), cut them both into little pieces, then dumped them into a shipping channel in Bösel.

The Vespa is still missing, and any information you may have on this or the Lambrettas will still be very welcome.

Catch up with this year's Bristol Italian Auto Moto Festival 09, written by Sean Good (shown below on his Ducati with Liz).

Fred Perry Limited Edition 100th Anniversary Vespa

Fred Perry Vespa

Available in August - only 100 will be sold as part of Fred Perry's centenary celebrations. Drop them a line for more info:



Did you know that you can browse the entire Vespa range and buy your scooter online from the UK’s official Vespa online sales website? For more information visit

Mod Crop - New Play from Alan Fletcher


Playwright Steve Wallis (Make Do and Mend) has joined forces with author Alan Fletcher (Quadrophenia - the novel) to produce a brand new musical about the 1960s Mod scene in Nottingham. 'The Mod Crop' is based on the first book in Alan's trilogy, 'Brummell's Last Rift'.
"As 'Brummell's Last Rift' started its life as a film script it's always had a visual aspect to it. I've carried this 30 year old vision and I've always held on to it and thought at some point we would see this animated" says Alan.

Set around Nottingham, Newark and the East Coast, it features three kids growing up with peer pressure, new music and scooters. The musical focuses on one particular weekend - August Bank Holiday 1965 - and how they come back from that weekend to face their ordinary lives.


Vespa T5 Classic with metal flake blue paintwork and a red, white and blue Corsa seat, VRN H396 JVT stolen in Paisley, Scotland on Wednesday 24th June 2009. Any information to us here at or direct to the Animals Fae Naboombu Scooter Club at

This scooter has been found and is being held by the police pending further enquiries. More info when we have it.

Paul stolen

EE Cassidy is thrilled to announce the Los Angeles screening of We Are the Mods, on Saturday July 18th at 4pm at the DGA Theater 1 as part of Outfest 2009. It is a fantastic 500 seat venue with an amazing screen and sound, so she hopes all L.A. Mods will join her there. She says: "To the many of you that have worked on the film and/or supported the project...I look forward to seeing you and a huge thank you for making the film happen. To those of you who can’t make it please spread the word and forward or post the invite. Cheers, E"

The film will also be screening in San Francisco on Sunday June 21st and in Philadelphia on July 12th & 13th. Please check for ticket information.

We are the Mods

* *


0049 (0)1719631184


Ride to Work Day and National Motorcycle Week

Ride to Work

Anyone who rides a motorcycle, scooter or moped knows that motorcycling is an ideal way to beat the stress and the jams!

Each year, the industry celebrates the benefits of motorcycling by organising National Motorcycle Week and Ride to Work Day as a way of getting the message across that motorcycles are the best form of private powered transport for the daily commute.

National Motorcycle Week takes place in July to link in with other international events in countries such as the USA and Germany.

The week is an occasion when people unite to promote motorcycling, mopeds and scooters by getting active and vocal by holding events, speaking to the press, converting friends or just getting out on their bike.

National Motorcyle Week will run from 12th - 18th July 2009. 15th July 2009 is Ride to Work Day.

Campaign Aims
To demonstrate to a wide audience the number of motorcyclists in the UK
Emphasise that riders are from all walks of life and are all ages
That riding has social, environmental and economic benefits.

40th Anniversary of Tommy


During April, our friend and Who's Who singer Gary O'Donnell was asked to contribute to a documentary being made for BBC Radio 4 entitled, Happy Birthday Tommy Walker, which sets out to chart the creation, inception and legacy of Tommy – The Rock Opera. Gary’s contribution alongside that of Roger Daltrey, Ken Russell and others will be broadcast on Thursday 21st May at 11.30 a.m. For more information go to:

Looking for something new for this summer? D-Jet Rose open-face, also available in other colours. Meets ECE22.05 standard, XS-XXL £99.99 by Anima, who are also looking for retailers.



Unique Scooter festival set to tackle road safety

Over the last three years, young scooter riders have risen up the priority list as a vulnerable road user group.

In order to tackle the road safety issues associated with riding a scooter and an attempt to reduce the number of casualties within this group, Merseyside Road Safety Partnership has pioneered an innovative approach with the launch of a unique festival, Scooterfest.

Scooterfest is aimed at young riders between 16-25 and will take place on Sunday 7th June, at Aintree Racecourse. The aim is to increase road safety awareness amongst scooter riders, in an entertaining environment and in a way which will encourage them to take the issues highlighted seriously - without preaching!

Emma Kelly, Communications Manager at Merseyside Road Safety Partnership (MRSP) explains: "Merseyside Road Safety Partnership is dedicated to getting the road safety message across to young riders. People within the 16 to 25 year demographic are particularly vulnerable. They hold the smallest percentage of licenses yet have the highest accident rate.

Scooterfest will host a number of exciting activities including a MotoGP bike simulator, a scooter-wear fashion show and the launch of an helmet design competition. Local celebrity DJ, Pez Tellet, will be headlining the event, along with support from local bands.

Other attractions include a giant scalectric set, Wii Challenge, stunt displays and an engine building competition. As part of the new campaign, Merseyside Road Safety Partnership is also launching the search for the first ever 'Face of Scooterfest' competition.

The competition will allow two lucky Merseyside residents to become the official 'faces' of the festival as well as positive ambassadors for the 2010 event, with inclusion in all upcoming promotional activity, alongside a host of other prizes.

The winning male and female will be chosen at the Scooterfest 2009 event. Merseyside residents aged between 16 and 25 are invited to apply on line at and state, in no more than 100 words, why they deserve to be the 'Face of Scooterfest'.

Emma continued: "We know that using traditional forms of media to target a young audience don't work and 'finger wagging' simply alienates them. Our research shows that face to face contact has a greater impact in terms of getting road safety messages across, so we wanted to create an event that would grab their attention and that we could potentially run on an annual basis.

"This is a real opportunity for us to open the dialogue with this group of road users, we want them to understand that we are keen to engage with them on a level which they appreciate and encourage their feedback on the road safety projects we create. Using this unique festival as a starting point we look forward to seeing the response we get from the scooter riders of Merseyside."

We have received the following statement from our old chums in the UK's premier tribute to The Who:

"It has been brought to our attention that some unscrupulous venues around the country have been using the name Who’s Who, to advertise a “Who” tribute band playing at their venue. The name has been used as a generic tag and while we are flattered that the name Who’s Who has become synonymous with quality, as far as “Who” tribute bands go, we are also conscious of a Who fan attending one of these gigs and not getting quite what he’d planned for as far as the Who’s Who reputation goes.

Who’s Who have been playing in various guises since 1996 and some of the players inside the unit that make up Who’s Who have been at it a bit longer than that. While various members have come and gone, the present band members are conscious that the hard work and effort that went in to make Who’s Who what it is now, by themselves and previous members, should not be allowed to be tarnished in such a way that we end up losing the trust of the people that come to see us (especially if they have actually been deceived).

It is to this end that we say to you: If a venue advertising Who’s Who is not on our gig list, we are not doing the gig! If you have been to a gig that was advertised as Who’s Who but ended up not being so, then please let us know.

We’re not being pompous, petulant or pedantic, we are merely trying to safeguard our future, as well as the pockets of those that think that they’re coming to see us, but don’t. It’s a tough enough economy without venue owners with Mickey Most aspirations trying to con the fans of Who’s Who, and ultimately, The Who themselves."


09/02/09 - Steve Cradock's long-awaited debut solo album, The Kundalini Target, is out today, and inital reviews are extremely good. Once we've had a chance to have a good listen to our copy we'll get a review written for this site.

Bristol Italian Auto Moto Festival

Bristol is set to mark seven successful years of hosting the West’s most prestigious Italian Auto Moto Festival on Saturday 25th April 2009 in the vicinity of Corn Street and St Nicholas Street/Market. Hundreds of classic Italian vehicles will be on view and thousands of enthusiasts from across the region are expected to come along and take a closer look at the cars and bikes on display. The annual event will feature stunning cars, motorcycles and scooters - from Supercars to classic scooters and will include legendary examples from Innocenti and Piaggio. There might also be some stuff from Ferrari, Maserati, Lancia, Alfa Romeo, Ducati, Moto Guzzi and De Tomaso, if you're interested in that sort of thing. The organisers are now trying to make contact with as many groups as possible in order to ensure that all are aware of the event and are therefore able to make their marque's presence felt (and well represented) on the day.

They are currently looking at this year's format, as well as everyone's allocated spaces and locations. They are also looking at ways to provide a better solution to ride in and access issues of last year.

Italian bikes ridden to the show will not need a formal entry but if brought in a van or on a trailer with tow car, the transporter vehicle must be booked in so that parking space can be planned (with full name, address, phone & mobile numbers and vehicle details make & reg no. to: or 0117 947 5814.
Those unfamiliar with the Festival might be interested in viewing:

Sean Good, BIAMF Organiser 07940 442291


31st March - Join our parking tax protest!

Oxford Circus
Oxford Circus - Protest Ride - No To Bike Parking Tax





Thanks to Richie Wells for spotting this - Adidas have released a range of footwear and clothing with a Vespa tie-in. It's not cheap (or pretty - Ed), but if your life wouldn't be complete without it, here's the link:

Thanks to Dave Lau for finding this gem. A photo gallery of a lovingly built wooden Vespa.

Wooden Vespa

Happy 50th Birthday Motown!


Motown Records, also known as Tamla Motown outside of North America, was founded by Berry Gordy on January 12 1959.

Motown played an important role in the racial integration of popular music, as it was the first record label owned by an African American to primarily feature African-American artists who achieved crossover success. In the 1960s, Motown and its soul-based subsidiaries were the most successful proponents of what came to be known as "The Motown Sound", a style of soul music with a distinct pop influence.

Following on from early R&B records brought into the UK by US Servicemen, Motown music had a huge influence on the youth and bands of the early to mid-60s, and was an integral part of the Mod scene. Today the music of Motown remains popular with scooter enthusiasts all over the world.


We are proud to announce that 2009 will see the live return of Coventry’s finest, The Specials.
One of the most important bands in the history of popular music and recognised as one of the greatest live bands the world has ever seen have been the subject of continuous rumours and demands for their reformation since their split in 1981.

It would be impossible to overstate the importance of The Specials to the UK music scene. Despite a brief career, the Coventry band lit up the late 70’s like a comet, their melding of punk and ska creating the 2-tone sound that is still today is held up as an influence by bands across the world. Now, thirty years since the release of their debut single, ‘Gangsters’, The Specials will take to the road for a UK tour starting in April.

22 April NEWCASTLE, Academy 0844 477 2000 *
23 April SHEFFIELD, Academy 0844 477 2000 *
25 April BIRMINGHAM, Academy 0844 477 2000 **
26 April BIRMINGHAM, Academy 0844 477 2000
28 April GLASGOW, Academy 08444 999 990
3 May MANCHESTER, Apollo 08444 777 677
6 May LONDON, Brixton Academy 0844 477 2000
7 May LONDON, Brixton Academy 0844 477 2000

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