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Famous Vespa Riders


Who better to espouse the virtues of the mighty Vespa, than the God of Quad himself, Mr Pete Townshend. He even drives it in through his side door and parks it in the hall. How Mod is that?!


Owen Wilson

Owen Wilson - very funny and now, it seems, quite cool too.

Sam Delaney

Sam Delaney - journalist, broadcaster and general geezer. We couldn't find a picture of him on His Vespa, but trust us, he's got one.

Dean Digger

2006 Masterchef Finalist, Dean "Digger" Edwards has swapped his Bobcat for a Vespa LX50. He can be seen riding it on BBC2's Beat The Takeaway, still on L plates, but fair do's to the lad.

Jude Law

At last, Jude Law does something that will make him attractive to women.

David Arquette

David Arquette. Great taste in scooters, women and clothes. Two out of three ain't bad.

Jay Kay

Jay Kay. Finally stopped mincing around in Lamborghinis and got some proper wheels.

Nicole Kidman

We doubt very much that Nicole Kidman rides a Vespa on a regular basis, but she looked so good on this GT in a recent film role we decided to include her.

Tom Symonds

Tom Symonds has been the BBC News Transport Correspondent for over nine years.  He says he wouldn't swap his Vespa for a car.  His mum wishes he'd smile more often, because he's got a lovely smile.

Michelle Dewberry

Winner of The Apprentice 2006, Michelle Dewberry, could be seen riding her Vespa into the City in the opening sequence of the programme.  She also recently succeeded Lisa Rogers as Fittest Famous Lass with a Vespa.

Lisa Rogers

Lisa Rogers rode a pink PX in the Channel 4 show Scrapheap Challenge: Scrappy Races, took part in a ride round European cities for Euro 2000 in Mark Owen's Celebrity Scooters, participated in the Round Britain Rideout in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust, and was recently deposed by Michelle Dewberry as Fittest Famous Lass with a Vespa.

Simon Donald

Legendary potty-mouthed co-creator of Viz Comic Simon Donald has a very nice Vespa GS, because he's rich and he can afford one.  He also has a very nice Lambretta, because he's extremely rich.  I met him at the Isle of Wight rally and he's been avoiding me ever since.

Steve Cradock

Ocean Colour Scene lead guitarist and all-round cool dude Steve Cradock is a well-known scooterist.  He owns a few.  Although this isn't one of them.

Andrew Ikon Kaiser Chiefs

Ikon Footwear sponsor this PX ridden by Andrew 'Whitey' White of the Kaiser Chiefs (seen here in the parka, of course).

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow spotted in London.






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